About Americas Greatest Makers

about-usHello there, we are Americas Greatest Makers. We are an organization and website that is interested in technology.

Technology is an important fixture in society. It is the cornerstone at which the world has progressed and now lives its life upon.

When people hear technology, they think about hi-tech objects and machineries such as computers and robots. In all actuality, technology is any tool that has helped man do their job better. The wheel for example is a great and integral piece of technology. Another example is fire.

With that said, we here at Americas Greatest Makers write articles on technology and its many facets. We write about current technologies that are affecting us as well as future technologies that are looking to break in.

We don’t only write about these technologies. We delve deeper into them and also write about their implications if they become prominent enough.

Finally, one last thing that we see very important and write about is the great creators of old. Through these articles, we get to discover the people who brought certain technologies into the fore, and the qualities they share that future inventors and makers can emulate as well.

Without these past makers, we wouldn’t be where we are today. And without the future makers, who knows where our paths would go?