2 Notable Current Inventors

In Americas Greatest Makers’ previous article, we spoke about a couple of the best inventors mankind has ever had. We spoke about Nikola Tesla, his understanding of electricity, and his weird inventions. Then, we spoke about Archimedes of Syracuse’s mathematical genius and influence.

Since then, many inventors have stepped up and developed technologies that have influenced our ways of life. There have thankfully always been inventors who have stepped up through the years. Let’s acknowledge the ones we have right now.

Here are three notable inventors that are current to our society today.

Elon Musk


Wherever you live and whatever country you are from, you are sure to have heard of entrepreneur Elon Musk. He is a tech giant who is constantly dabbling in many different pieces of technology, services, or ideas that are so radical and impactful on our lives.

In 1999, Musk founded PayPal. We are sure that you have heard about this as well. PayPal has now revolutionized how payments come and go. Utilizing the internet, payments can now be sent online with or without the use of credit cards.

He has also created Tesla Motors. If you will recall, Tesla was a man who understood and used electricity. Stemming from the same vein, Musk’s Tesla Motors creates a range of fully electric cars to the people. These cars are very green and have numerous benefits to our environment.

Finally, and most notably, he created Space X. After changing the way we make payments, changing the way we drive, Musk targets to change the way we travel.

With Space X, Musk aims to radically reduce the cost of space flight. In doing, expeditions can be done at a fraction of a cost. The closest goal the team has is to travel to Mars and create a colony there. Space X currently has a contract with NASA.

Stephen Hawking


Stephen Hawking was one of the most brilliant minds in our generation. While he didn’t create device or piece of technology, his theories were great achievements themselves.

First of all, with some help from other scientists, they were able to understand how black holes operate as well as other properties of black holes.

In addition, initially the understanding of black holes was that it ate up everything. Hawking was able to prove that it emitted particles and radiation all the way until the black hole closes up. This was known as Hawking radiation.

He also wrote a book about how space and time are constructed. In the book, it goes on to explain the nature of space and how it is ever expanding.

Even up to his death, he continued to wonder about the mysteries of cosmology.

There are more modern-day inventors out there for you to check out. We hope that more inventors and makers pop up in our society, creating new things that help improve our ways of life.