3 Best Up and Coming Technologies

Technology is growing at an alarming pace. One of the biggest developments happening right now is artificial intelligence. It has the opportunity to be a big game changer in our life.

Stepping away from this though, there are still mounds of new technologies currently being developed that are also gamechangers in their own way.

Here are three of the best up and coming technologies.

UV Sense

We have known for a long time that too much ultraviolet (UV) rays is bad for any person. UV rays from the sun allow people to get vitamin D, adjust a person’s mood, and even clears up several skin conditions.

However, too much of anything is bad. It is the same for UV rays. Too much of it can cause cancer o the skin, can burn your skin, can destroy your eyes, and even damage your immune system.

L’Oreal has created a device called the UV sense. It is as small as a pin and requires no battery. When a person wears it, it collects data whenever you are exposed to UV rays.

The little device stores data for up to three months. When it is coupled with the app it comes with, the app helps to collate the data and lets you know if you have had too much exposure to the sun. The app also gives you tips to lessen your exposure to the sun.

The UV sense is tiny and is meant to be worn on a person’s finger nail. L’Oreal will also be release several accessories that will allow people to wear it comfortably every day.

The Aflac Duck

Ever since toys were a thing, people have been trying to use these toys for a variety of purposes to mixed results.

Today though, one toy duck stands above all others. It is called My Special Aflac Duck. Its job is to help comfort kids who have cancer.

The toy is interactive by nature. Children can relay their emotions to the duck and can tell it how it feels. Then, the duck will respond with the correct emotional response. This is done by showing the duck either a happy or sad face.

The toy is meant to be a companion for these children as they go through their round of therapies and treatments.

My Special Alfac Duck will be hitting the market either late 2018 or early 2019.


Numerous people have practiced the art of calorie counting. It does work. However, this new piece of technology will help to make that endeavor easier.

CaloRieco is a calorie scanner that will help health conscious people know how many calories they have in what they are about to partake in.

Panasonic, the chief manufacturers of this device, say that the infrared scanners will be able to tell how much nutrients is in the food to an accurate range of 20%. All of it just takes 10 seconds.

Technology is always on the rise, and more up and coming technologies are constantly being developed. The team here at Americas Greatest Makers looks forward to what you can create too.