Partner Video: ASUS ZenPad S 8 (0:52)

Partner Video: ASUS ZenPad S 8 (0:52)

See how Team ASEAH uses the ASUS ZenPad S 8 in their creative process!

Where Are They Now

Since America's Greatest Makers, Team Transfiguration Bustle has continued to help inspire young women to get involved with technology and design.

Team Transfiguration Bustle: Where Are They Now (2:17)

Team Collarator is off to college, but they won’t stop making Collarator. They’re in talks with a major pet retailer and hope to see Collarator on store shelves soon.

Team Collarator: Where Are They Now (2:06)

Massimo dispenses great advice to fellow makers and enjoyed being a judge on American TV! “You can turn ideas into products that help people.”

Massimo Banzi: Where Are They Now (1:38)

After being eliminated from AGM, Team Venn hasn’t stopped. Gray has been in talks with manufacturers in China and started his own late night talk show for science and tech.

Team Venn: Where Are They Now (1:33)

The team is developing an updated version that allows users to create their own designs and incorporate text. Next? Catclutch fashion shows and a partner in Asia to expand their brand.

Team CatClutch: Where Are They Now (1:32)

NWTN is still moving full steam ahead. They’re working to make NWTN smaller and easier to use. Beta testing will start with athletes in the next few months. NWTN aims to be on players within…

Team NWTN: Where Are They Now (2:43)

With Madison no longer on Team ChromaColour, Alison and Lloyd continue working hard to get their product line to market and have had interests from potential buyers.

Team ChromaColour: Where Are They Now (1:41)

Elimination didn’t stop Team Powerbobber as they have been navigating entrepreneurial waters. They continue to work towards a final version of a marketable.

Team Powerbobber: Where Are They Now (1:55)

Zach hasn’t stopped since AGM. Team Zachees is in talks with distributors to bring Zachees Fashion Glow Jewelry to the festival market.

Team Zackees: Where Are They Now (1:44)

Team Aseah has been analyzing data to fine tune their product. Jonathan now works full time on Aseah. They hope to bring Aseah to market soon.

Team ASEAH: Where Are They Now (2:23)

Taking the judges advice, Team Herddogg has pushed improve their product. Both market research and crowdfunding are underway. They hope to be on a herd… Soon!

Team HerdDogg: Where Are They Now (2:05)

Since winning AGM, Team Grush has one big goal in mind - get into mass production quickly! They’re pushing to deliver to market by the holidays.

Team Grush: Where Are They Now? (1:55)

Since AGM, Diana developed a new interface making her software more accurate. She’s met the president at the White House Science Fair, inspiring Diana to continue making MotivateMe.

Team Motivate Me: Where Are They Now? (2:09)

Inside America's Greatest Makers

Cara talks with the million-dollar winners, as well as several runners up and judge Kevin Periera.

Inside America's Greatest Makers Season Finale Recap

Cara interviews judges Brian Krzanich and Mike Rowe before the big Season One finale.

Inside America's Greatest Makers Season Finale Pre-Show

Cara chats with the teams and guest judge Shaquille O’Neal from the final Make or Break round.

Inside America's Greatest Makers Ep 107 Recap

Excitement mounts as Cara prep us for the penultimate episode of Season One.

Inside America's Greatest Makers Ep 107 Pre-Show

Cara tees things up before three new teams fight for $100k and a place in the finals.

Inside America's Greatest Makers Ep 106 Pre-Show

Join Cara as she chats with the winning team, Carol Roth, and the youngest maker in the competition.

Inside America's Greatest Makers Ep 106 Recap

Following the third make or break round, Cara talks with Team HerdDogg and Team NWTN.

Inside America's Greatest Makers Ep 105 Recap

Check in with Cara before teams NWTN, SlapBand, and HerdDogg battle for a place in the Finals.

Inside America's Greatest Makers Ep 105 Pre-Show

Cara interviews the newest guest judge, maker icon and inventor of Arduino, Massimo Banzi.

Guest Judge Massimo Banzi Interview (1:45)

Following the second Make or Break round, Cara chats with Teams ASEAH & Tabor, plus judge Carol Roth.

Inside America's Greatest Makers Ep 104 Recap

Cara brings us up to speed before America’s Greatest Makers second exciting Make or Break round.

Inside America's Greatest Makers Ep 104 Pre-Show

Cara chats with one of the teams sent home, as well as judges Mayim Bialik and Kevin Pereira.

Inside America's Greatest Makers Ep 103 Recap

Cara brings us up to speed in preparation for America’s Greatest Makers’ first Make or Break round.

Inside America's Greatest Makers Ep 103 Pre-Show

With the final 15 teams selected, Cara chats with one that’s advancing and one that’s saying goodbye.

Inside America's Greatest Makers Ep 102 Recap

We set the stage for the selection of the final 7 teams that will move on to the Make or Break round.

Inside America's Greatest Makers Ep 102 Pre-show

In our first post show, see how teams react after the judges have decided their fates.

Inside America's Greatest Makers Ep 101 Recap

Exclusive footage and interviews help prep you for the series premiere of America’s Greatest Makers.

Inside America's Greatest Makers Ep 101 Pre-Show

America's Greatest Makers Highlights

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Intro to Maker Tech

Sensors are all around us. Check out the different kinds and learn which are best for your projects.

Intro to Sensors (3:19)

Working with metal? Here’s everything you need to know about an important maker skill.

Intro to Welding (3:35)

Tune in as Cara takes what she's learned about welding to the next level.

How To Project: Welding (3:29)

Watch while Cara applies her Laser Cutting skills in this project!

How To Project: Laser Cutting (3:13)

Learn how you can take your making to the next level with these cutting-edge machines.

Intro to Laser Cutting (3:15)

Learn the basics about these revolutionary machines that have changed making forever.

Intro to 3D Printing (3:35)

These are the items you’ll need to master one of the most important skills in the maker world.

How To Intro: Soldering (2:26)

Join Cara as she partakes in a fun soldering project you and your kids can do at home.

How To Project: Soldering (4:11)

Not sure how to power your next project? Let Cara help you out!

How To Intro: Power Supplies (3:49)

Learn more about this essential element of making by assembling a mini flashlight and lemon clock.

How To Project: Power Supplies (3:05)

Host Cara Santa Maria shares the basics on this essential component of robotics

How To Intro: Obstacle Avoidance (1:41)

Learn how to build your own obstacle avoidance robot with a handful of easy-to-find items

How To Project: Obstacle Avoidance (3:11)

Master these steps of prototyping to help your next maker project become a reality

How To Intro: Prototyping (2:26)

Take your prototyping skills to the next level with these fun and easy How-To projects

How To Project: Prototyping (3:28)

America’s Greatest Makers Digital Channel

Cara unveils some fun surprises when she visits NYC Makery in Brooklyn, NY, for our season finale.

America's Greatest Makers Digital Channel Ep. 113 (11:37)

Cara gets a crash course in building drones from Build It Workspace in Southern California.

America's Greatest Makers Digital Channel Ep. 112 (10:01)

Check out a daughter’s dream bedroom, insightful marketing tips, and some fun at-home projects.

America's Greatest Makers Digital Channel Ep. 111 (10:30)

This week we’re at TechShop in San Francisco, where Cara showcases more inspiring maker stories

America's Greatest Makers Digital Channel Ep. 110 (9:53)

Cara travels to the super-cool Artisan’s Asylum in Boston to introduce more fun maker stories

America's Greatest Makers Digital Channel Ep. 109 (9:51)

On this week’s episode meet makers who are revolutionizing art, music, and basketball

America's Greatest Makers Digital Channel Ep. 108 (10:26)

This week we explore the maker scene in Portland, Oregon, and debut three new tech-tastic stories

America's Greatest Makers Digital Channel Ep. 107 (12:14)

Host Cara Santa Maria tries her hand at 3D printing while showcasing cool tech around the country

America's Greatest Makers Digital Channel Ep. 106 (12:32)

The Lone Star State hosts our latest journey into the cutting-edge world of making

America's Greatest Makers Digital Channel Ep. 105 (11:42)

This week we’re in Costa Mesa, California, with another great line up of inspiring maker stories

America's Greatest Makers Digital Channel Ep. 104 (10:11)

Rocket skates and mushroom batteries are just some of the tech explored on this week’s episode

America's Greatest Makers Digital Channel Ep. 103 (14:22)

Host Cara Santa Maria explores a maker space for kids while introducing new, inspiring tech stories.

America's Greatest Makers Digital Channel Ep. 102 (12:36)

Tune in for weekly episodes featuring the coolest makers and their ground breaking inventions from across the country.

America's Greatest Makers Digital Channel Ep. 101 (10:46)

What's New What's Next

Meet the machine that paints like a high-tech Picasso

Bitpaintr (2:09)

Check out the tech that’s helping basketball players around the country improve their game

ShotTracker (2:22)

Big things really do come in little packages when playing with these inventive gadgets

Little Bits (2:03)

The traditional bicycle gets a 21st Century upgrade thanks to some visionary inventors

Gi FlyBike (2:12)

A young maker became obsessed with helping the blind. Now countless lives will never be the same

Braille Game Changer (2:22)

See how this crazy-looking invention is helping keep our furry friends safe

CoyoteVest (2:41)

This versatile robot is more than a toy, it’s helping kids learn the basics of robotics and coding

PHIRO (2:29)

Check out this fast, fun, and new way to get around!

Rocket Skates (2:45)

Watch how humans can run faster with the aid of this custom-designed jet pack

Jet Pack Boosters (1:43)

Set your sights on innovative technology designed to help the visually impaired

Buzz Clip (1:39)

An engineer users his tech skills to take the fashion industry into the future

Interactive Clothing (1:54)

Robots and rats work together to one day help rid the world of landmines

Bomb Sniffing Robots (2:14)

Intel's latest computer chip, the Curie, helps take extreme sports to new heights

BMX Meets Curie (1:54)

See an engineer take an injured duck under his wing and give it a new leg up in life

Quacky Prosthetics (2:20)

Meet the inventive teen who created a device to help drowsy drivers stay awake

Driver's Companion (1:40)

A dress that reacts to emotions takes New York Fashion Week by storm

Adrenaline Dress (2:14)

If it’s true a mirror never lies, wait til you see a mirror that never forgets

Memory Mirror (1:10)

What the Tech

Leading Innovators

Give a listen to these innovative DJs who’ve brought a whole new beat to the maker movement.

Thud Rumble (1:29)

Check out this game-changing invention that allows you to print customized circuits from home.

Voltera (2:17)

It's the maker version of high school shop class, where tomorrow's inventors get a leg up today.

Pali STEAM Shop (2:37)

Ready to sell your invention? Let experts share tips on how best to reach your potential customers.

The Business of Making (1:47)

See how this maker dad transformed his daughter’s bedroom into a one-of-a-kind magical forest.

Enchanted Bedroom (2:58)

Meet the grand jester of the maker community, whose wacky inventions create smiles wherever they go

Bob Partington (2:15)

Watch the inspiring story of Mario Bonfante, an athlete who refused to let tragedy slow him down

Mario Bonfante (1:44)

Take a look inside the world of Schuyler St. Leger, a young maker with an insatiable curiosity

Young Maker (2:52)

You won’t believe this maker space – it’s part garage, part circus, and ALL fun!

Two Bit Circus (2:41)

He won an Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire, but you won’t believe how he’s making music now

Virtual Orchestra (2:50)

Check out this pair of makers who want to bring mind control to the masses

Making (Brain) Waves (2:32)

You’ve never seen music quite like this before – yes, we said “seen”

Music for the Eyes (2:29)

Fashion and technology merge in a creative new way that will leave you glowing

Dress Made of Stars (2:28)

Meet the maker who’s trying to talk to animals using his unique robotic creations

Talking with Animals (2:21)

From the debris of Hurricane Sandy rose this cool maker space, complete with its own mobile workshop.

Staten Island MakerSpace (2:48)

See how one inventive maker turns yesterday’s tech trash into today’s tech treasures

Cassette Punk (2:44)

A teen maker overcomes adversity and realizes his dream to fly…in his own home!

Garage Flight Simulator (2:17)

Meet the down-home maker whose laziness inspired some doggone wacky inventions

Ultimate Dog House (1:56)

Take a tour of LA's most unique hacker space and get a crash course in all things making

Crash Space (2:05)

An insult no more, meet some self-described "geeks" making their dreams a reality at Intel

Rise of the Geeks (1:15)

Meet the godfather of the maker movement and see how maker faires inspire inventors across the US

Maker Faire (1:52)

Some of Intel's sharpest minds show how what we wear is being shaped by technology

Wearables (1:24)

Get an exclusive Look inside one of Intel's secret labs and meet the minds helping shape tomorrow

The Minds Behind the Machines (2:26)